Mobile Escape Room in Denmark

Here is some of the text from this homepage translated to english because we also service companies with english speaking employees.

Welcome to the Mobile Escape Room

If you are ready for an exciting experience that requires you to use your head, then an escape room is just the experience for you. An escape room is a collection of tasks, riddles and mysteries that you must solve together with others in order to complete the escape mystery or break out of the escape room.

Normal escape rooms are located in a specific location and therefore require you to travel there. The mobile escape room is different because it can come to you, and therefore offers more flexibility. You avoid transport and thus save time. In addition, you can more easily plan an entire day, as our mobile escape rooms can become part of other things you have to do.

Several participants have also stated that our mobile escape room “The Teenage Son” was clearly more fun and better than physical stationary escape rooms they had been to.

We drive from Aarhus, but drive to the whole country if the event is big enough. For smaller events up to approx. We primarily drive 20 people to the event within an hour and a half from Aarhus.

Another big advantage is that with several similar mobile escape rooms, you can have many more participants at once, where a physical room can only handle a few. And you can more easily compete against each other if you wish. We currently have 2 mobile solutions:

15 mobile escape room boxes “The Teenage Son” – a total of approx. 120 people
7 mobile escape room suitcases with “Murder Mystery” – a total of approx. 50 people

Practical information about the Mobile escape room

Here you can find practical information about the Mobile Escape Room.

Where is the Mobile Escape Room located?
We are based at Solbjerg in the south of Aarhus, but the escape room experience is mobile with us and therefore travels all over the country for major events. For smaller events up to approx. 20 people are typically driven to destinations within a radius of 1.5 hours from Aarhus.

How long does it take to complete The Mobile Escape Room?
The time to complete is of course dependent on how fast you are and whether you get hints. But it typically takes 45-75 minutes.

The mobile escape box can be adapted in the amount of tasks and levels of difficulty, so that it can be done in 30-90 minutes.

You can decide for yourself whether you want a maximum time, so that there will be more competition and pressure, or whether you just want to have fun with the various tasks.

How many can we be?
In principle, one person can complete an Escape Game, but we recommend that you have at least 4 people in a group. The maximum number of people in a group is 8 people. If there are more of you, you will be divided into several groups and can thus compete with each other in time.

How old do you have to be?
We recommend that you are at least 15 years old for “Murder Mystery”, as the tasks require an experienced head.

Or from 12 years at the “Teenage son” escape room box.

Should there be a game master for the escape room?
Usually we want to be the game master to be able to help and give hints along the way. On special occasions, you can even be trained to be a game master for the escape room experience. However, we recommend a maximum of about 20 people, as it requires routine for larger groups.

With many participants, it is best to have several game masters.

Which solution should I choose?
It kind of depends on what you are for.

The teenage son is the latest solution. A group of researchers who tried both solutions clearly preferred the teenage son, as there are the most puzzles and thus the most aha experiences. In addition, there are “multiple tracks” so that some people can typically continue working while others work on a task.

The murder mystery is a more classic escape room theme. It does not contain as many, but on the other hand more difficult tasks.

What is the difference between escape room, mystery room, puzzle room, riddle room, escape game, mystery game, puzzle game and riddle game?

There are many different names for escape rooms and escape games:
But the names escape room, mystery room, puzzle room, riddle room, escape game, mystery game, puzzle game and riddle game and more cover the same discipline, which is a collection of tasks, riddles, etc.
With some, you have to physically break out of a room, other times it is about solving a task. Some have a maximum time, so it’s about hurrying, while others are just about getting the task done.

Where can I find hints for DIY escape room boxes?

You can find them here: Hints

The history behind the mobile escape room solutions

The teenage son

You and your family with teenage daughter and teenage son are going on holiday abroad for 3 weeks in a few months, so you are looking forward to it!

But you have now heard rumors that your son has started seeing a girl from the class and you are unsure whether you should invite your son’s girlfriend along. Because there are some really nice girls in the class, but unfortunately also some types that you definitely do not want your son to be with, and with whom you absolutely do not want to spend an entire holiday.

You have therefore decided to find out who your son has started seeing. Because if it’s one of the girls with a bad influence, the case is clear. Then no one else should be invited on the holiday.

So while your son is at tennis, you have to hurry to check his stuff…
He knows you tend to snoop on things, so he’s careful about his secrets.

It’s almost a matter of life and death 🙂

The Murder mystary

There has been a sudden and mysterious murder of a millionaire. His potential heirs are now gathered at a mountain hotel to have the deceased’s last will announced.

The police had collected evidence and were ready to name the suspect, but now he is also gone. The suspect’s possessions may hold the key to solving the millionaire’s murder.

Now you must together try to solve the mysterious murder…


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